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Why Choose Us

We are happy to help customers mold or decorate their products. We engage in plastic, and materialize any possibilities. Everything is for our customers.

Specialty1/Pioneer of In-mold technology

Pioneer of In-mold technology

Yoshida Technoworks developed In-mold technology for the first time in the world in1973, and is now known as a pioneer of this field.

The company has been continuously improving the In-mold technology.
The world's first development of Double-sided In-mold Decoration in 2000.
The world's first development of NCVM In-mold Decoration in 2005.
The world's first development of Two Shot In-mold Decoration in 2006.
The world's first development of Indium NCVM In-Mold Decoration in 2008.
The world's first development of EF In-mold Decoration in 2010.
The world's first development of Glass Insert Molding with In-mold Decoration in 2011.

We help our customers develop superior designs using In-mold technology as the core technology.

Specialty2/Materialize our customers' needs

Materialize our customers' needs

The manufacturer's spirit incessantly succeeded since the foundation of Yoshida Technoworks.

Yoshida Technoworks has developed new technologies by not giving up any tough challenges and by thinking through the way to achieve the goals.

Never give up, keep challenging, and develop new technology -- these are the manufacturer's spirit at Yoshida Technoworks incessantly succeeded since our company's foundation.

Specialty3/The original employee evaluation and education systems

The original employee evaluation and education systems

The fundamental of developing the world's first technology is our human resources.

At Yoshida Technoworks, we use our original educational system called "Jedi master system" that an expert and an younger staffs make a team and practice OJT training thoroughly. This system makes our technology to be succeeded to the next generations.

In addition, to motivate our employees, we have a unique evaluation system. Through our evaluation system, we create the highly transparent and fair environment, where employees can work comfortably and take initiatives.

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