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EF In-mold Decoration

EF In-mold Decoration

Thickness and brightness of the metal plate creates an overwhelming high grade look.

Generally, an electro casting stickers are attached metallic logo or characters onto a product.
However, it makes uneven surface and rough texture.
With our technique, having the plate in the clear plastic, smooth surface will show off the product with higher grade looking.
Please find smooth and stylish products with embedded characters.

Product Features

  • Embedding the electrocasted metallic plates in transparent plastic, it creates smooth surface without ruggedness.
  • Covering by plastic, it prevents the metal plate to get oxidation. Thus the Pure Gold plating can also be used.
  • UV foil is applied on the surfaces.
The thickness and brightness of the metallic plate gives the product an overwhelming high grade look.
Product Features
POINT Its real gold appearance creates an overwhelming presence and a luxurious look.

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