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Curved Glass Insert Molding technology

Curved Glass Insert Molding with In-mold Decoration

Plastic and curved glass seamlessly combined

Yoshida Techonoworks succeeded to apply Glass Insert Molding technology to curved glass without losing any features of GIM technology with flat glasses such as narrow bezel and unified surface with high water-proofing level.

Product Features

  • Applicable to curved design.
  • High-accuracy fitting of curved glass and resin bezel enabled by injection monolithic mold.
  • High adhesion strength properties against glass and resins excel in water-proofing.
  • In-mold technology provides products with various colors and designs.
  • Speedy assembly is possible.
High-accuracy fitting of curved glass
Product Features
POINT In-mold decoration inserting curved glass was considered nearly impossible, but Yoshida Technoworks,
a pioneer of in-mold decoration achieved high adhearence and waterproof level even with curved glass.

Example Applications

Panasonic P902i
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