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Center Console Panel

Center Console Panel

Solved retardation with unique technology.

Panels used in center console become lager as vehicles enters the rea of EV.
As center console panel become larger and demand for curved design increased, it is shifting from flat plastic to molded product. Yoshida Technoworks solved many problems caused by molded products by using unique technology and succeeded in mass production.

Product Features

  • In-mold decorating both faces to 3 dimensional shapes
  • Double sided in-molded Product of Polycarbonate with haigh degree of hardness
  • Made AF(anti-fingerprint)(water repellent and oil repellent) coating possible with in-molding
Made decoration on curved edge, which was said to be difficult, possible by using in-molding
Product Features

Solved retardation shown in molding product with unique method.

Reduced coatand simplified production prosess by useing double sided in-molding.

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