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Two Shot In-mold Decoration

Two Shot In-mold Decoration

Combining pattern printed in-mold foil with plastic resin's texture and colors provides decorative products with sense of great depth.

Elaborate deep looking design capability with combination of opaque and transparent plastic and tool texture.
2-shot molding is suitable to create ribs, undercuts, screw insert and more complex rear surface structure.

Product Features

  • Zero LED flash leakage
  • It is also possible to integrate the panels and the plastic housings.
  • Easy to provide box-type deep draw geometry.
  • It is passible to create ribs and bosses on the rear surface.
Available to apply for box-type geometry.
Product Features
Deep looking appearance can be created with various combination of graphic and texture.
Product Features
POINT If you have any idea of design for combinations such as "two shot + coating" or "two shot + deposition", please feel free to contact us for details. We are confident of your satisfaction with our In-molding technology.

Example Applications

SONY Walkman Phone Xmini
SONY Walkman Phone
Nintendo game console Panel egg
Nintendo game console Panel
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