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ornament Shoehorn
Slide into shoes with style. ornament Shoehorn

Our minimalist, compact shoehorn, with its subtle color gradation, contains the tints and textures made possible by our double-sided in-mold process-a techinique pioneered by Yoshida Technoworks.


With 5 color variations, it can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of age or gender, and is appropriate in both formal and casual settings.

*Size/Approximately W40 D100 H10(mm) Materials/Polycarbonate (Made in Japan)

Used image of shoehorn

With a sleek UV coating and rounded handle that fits the curve of your fingers, putting on a shoe has never left smoother.
The compact design and affixed cord, individually matched to complement each color, provide easy portability.
*The portable case is attached.

You can choose from 5 color variations composed of 4 different gradation colors produced by double in-mold technology and black color with moiré pattern.
Beautiful design of Shoehorn makes you want to share the beauty with other people.
It matches not only with leather shoes but also with sneakers.
Shoehorn makes your business life even more stylish used with our megahit product “ornament card case”.
We highly recommend our newly launched “Shoehorn” for your daily life.
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