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ornament Pen case
Profond luminous Pen Case with Functional form. ornament Pen Case

Just push at an angle. A flap with an elaborate design will open and lick easily. The beautiful flap is made by our double-sided in mold process, with an imposing case covered with a &black-chrome& suface by Taiyo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., a high-quality chrome manufacturer.

This is a masterpiece provided with every technical luxury imaginable.

Used image of pen case

*Size/Approximately W190 D44 H23(mm) Weight/Approximately 68 (g) Materials/PMMA, ABS, Black-chrome (Made in Japan)

ornament Pen Case

The new Pen Case have five different colors.
Sophisticated blackish silver Yellow with its shine standing out Red with glossy looking Green tinged with blue Blue being a blinding cyan.
My preference is green but find your own favorite.
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