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ornament card case
Yoshida has established a new brand Ornament which is utilizing the Double-sided In-mold Decoration technologies.

Yoshida Technoworks launched 'Ornament', a brand representing some very special products such as "limited items."
At establishing our brand, we collaborate with Mr. Hideyoshi Nagoya, CEO of 'h-concept' that is supporting many companies and organization for their creative activities with the policy of making the user happy. By collaborating his modern idea with the technologies of Yoshida Technoworks, our new brand "Ornament" was established.

In the Autumn of 2013, we launched business card holders as the first product under Ornament brand.
The business card holders in dark and aesthetic gradation colors, made by Double-sided In-mold Decoration technology. They are simple, yet highly functional. These card holders produces the stylish scene at your business cards exchange. They are on the shelves in many famous selection shops such as BEAMS in Japan, COLETTE in Paris.

「ornament」How to use Card Case

By gently pressing the sides of the business card holder, the lid opens up slowly with the motion of micro damper. The small flap at the bottom of the card holder raises your business cards upwards, and so you can take out the card smoothly. You can also tuck a business card you received, on the inner side of its lid.

* You can keep about twenty business cards in this card holder.

The attractively-beautiful designs are the color and textures created with the Double-sided In-molding decorations, which was successfully developed by Yoshida Technoworks, for first time in the world.
We are planning to expand the Ornament product line and to launch products with ever innovative designs.

The online store for the Ornament brand
The Molding Shop Store Manager
Masahiro Matsuo

And here we present the most aesthetic card holders ever.
It is available with 9 colors, such a wide variation of colors will satisfy the taste of people in different age groups.
We will be proud to offer you our card holders that is utilized Yoshida's technologies.
It is perfect for gifts.

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