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ornament design tray
Making Teatime and Party Time Beautiful ornament Design Tray

Our Design Tray has a simple but luxurious and delicate design that matches modern dishes and utnsils. It's the perfect choice to add a little beauty to teatime or party time.


It comes in 3 stylish color schemes. It's made of Tritan resin, which boasts glass-like transparency combined with safety, and features beautiful colors andaluster made possible by our in-mold technology.
It's difficult to break but easy to use, and is safe for both the dishwasher and microwave oven.
The large size can be used as a tray or paty platter, while the small size is perfect for a candy dish.
We are proud to announce the birth of this unique item that can bring a touch of style to your table.

*Please read th instructions before using a dish washing machine or a microwave oven.

Color variations of design tray

There are 3 designs: Circle, Line and Leaf.
NCVM In-mold Decoration makes it possible to seal the designs on the inner surface of transparent resin, protecting the decoration and making it hygienic. This creates deep colors and beautiful metallic luster.
*Materials:TRAITAN(Polyester) / Made in Japan

ornament Designtray

The luxurious Design Tray which is completed by Yoshida Technowork’s In-mold technologies. Using Tritan as material with in-mold technologies, its feeling of transparency and metallic design was realized. By all means, please try out newly released “Design Tray” witch is excellent in designability and function both.
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