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ornament Coaster
Slide into shoes with style. ornament Shoehorn

The radiating die-cut and our in-mold decoration technique give us a beautiful reflection of light and a glossy look. Stackable and waterproof, this set of coasters feature a raised border that holds condensation. Made of heat-resistant and water-resistant AS resin. Set of Two.


Its simple and modern design add a glisten to your time with guests.


Used image of coaster

Size : approx. Φ90 x H3(mm)
Weight : approx. 13g
Material :Styrene - acrylpnitrile resin (SAN)
(Made in Japan)

ornament Coaster

A coaster with luxurious shine is created with Yoshida's in-molding technology.
Light come through the ridges on the coaster instantly changes mood of beverages.
You can have your choice of colors from brass, sliver, and copper.
Eache color shows completely different expression with a glass on it and you can select one depend on the mood of the day.
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