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At Yoshida Technoworks, we are implementing the improvement of each staff's capability and the proper performance evaluation, based on the advanced evaluation system called MSH.

MSH is our original evaluation system in which performance and capability evaluations are combined.
By clearly defining "what tasks to be done," and by specifying the required skills, we achieve fair and absolute evaluations based on the criteria.

Yoshida Technoworks was awarded the grand prize in the Tokyo Monozukuri Award for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2006.

Expected talents

The most important factor of pursuing "What others cannot do" and "What hasn't been done" is the fostering of human resources.

At Yoshida Technoworks, we respect the personality of each individual.
We want to work with people who are ready to take efforts with a brilliant positive thinking, and who can work hard in a team to achieve our goals.

Graduate recruiting
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Professional recruiting
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