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Quality and Environmental Activities

Yoshida Technoworks, Ashikaga Manufacturing Center, and Yuwate Yoshida Industries are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Quality and Environmental Policy

We Yoshida Technoworks group as a professional of plastic molding and decoration, observes law, rules, and specified requirements and carries out the role positively trying to prevent environmental pollution.
Considering environmental protection, we serve product, technology, and service that satisfies customers need.
In order to do so, we set goal, evaluating its compatibility and efficacy for continuous improvement, and uplift all workers awareness.

  • 1.We will spare no effort to create "good product"
  • 2.We will practice production that we can be proud of "Yoshida's Specialty"
  • 3.We will maintain haigh quality product through healthy and sefe environmento
JET ISO14001

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