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Tough and stubborn attitude of not saying “It is impossible.”.
Sep. 1946, Shigeki Yoshida and 4 other men came back from the front and established Yoshida Mfg. in down town Sumida-ku, Tokyo which was devastated after the war. Thus began their enterprise. Shortly after, their pride, hopes and dreams blossomed in their work making compact cases for cosmetics.
With pellet and mold, they enjoyed creating the products, they also enjoyed their own products to be used by the customers. It is a real pleasure of being manufactures. We will prefer to create something only we can do.
Our original brand card holders will soon hit store shelves in Colette near Opera House in Paris, France. It is our first product created with technologies which have been cultivated from supporting various cosmetics and electronics companies. We focus our dreams, hopes and pride into our work, and we will continue to challenging the future.
President Shigeo Yoshida
Yoshida Technoworks Co., Ltd.
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